Forest recreation resort in Rietavas municipality, small village, were started to be built in 2006. Moving in a small steps, quite big things was born here. The location was just a very abandoned forest. Owners had the idea to clean and arrange this area, and to set up a cozy forest resting place for their own relaxation and meditation. More and more attractive objects appeared on the territory of the forested and outskirts that grew every year. Starting with a water pond and a house above it, ending with a health path through the forest density. A variety of forest vegetation enchants everyone visiting here: a botanist, a photographer, a herbal lover, a musician, an artist, a sculptor, or simply those, who loves forest music and wonderful scents that are constantly updated by the flowering of different plants, the growth of mushrooms or the warm summer rainfall. About 10 years this resort was used only for the owners’ personal needs, but it’s time to show this wonderful place to the world!

“Forest Paradise” – the tranquillity begins HERE…


“Forest paradise” – one of the owners unexpectedly said, and this tandem of words has been extremely well-received and became a promotional name of the forest resort. This name is perfectly suited to the sensations you will experience here. Perfect breakdown from civilization, from bustle, from technology. The peace, with a special flavor which gives the birds, a grasshopper music and frogs’ choirs. Here you will forget what is depressing you. You can get together to the nature with meditation here. “Genuine paradise! How beautiful is in here!” – said the majority of guests who were here. So this place is a paradise for your inner world. And the forest environment gives him a special uniqueness. You will return with a lot of new and good energies from here, because this is the “Forest Paradise”!


Wooden house with terrace is located above the small water pond in the forest suburb. Safety is guaranteed, because the base structure is metal. The building itself reminds a house from the fairy tale. An interesting form and architectural expression perfectly matches the magic of the rest of the resort. The house is small, but there is everything that you may need during staying here. Large dining table is folding up and attaches to the wall for night, and a large and comfortable double bed is set on the other wall. There is also a carpet, a clothes hanger, a suspension bracket, a cabin, a wall shelf, a mirror and a pouf-case. The interior of the house is illuminated by LED candles and LED lighter and the terrace is flared. You will be delighted by that view!


As the area of the forest and the outskirts is very large, it is possible to settle in several tents or campers campsites. People who like to camp, having tents or campers, and not requiring extraordinary comfort, will also find a lot of food for soul and space for enjoying nature. Relax for the body and soul without internet, electricity, plumbing and other things we live with every day. The large and small fireplaces will give you the opportunity to enjoy the evening at the scrap, or make delicious local herbal teas, cook your favorite barbecue. Campsites with tents or camps can accommodate even about 100 people !!! Thus, even the scouts liked the “Forest Paradise”.