The most important thing for all parents is to see their children happy. Want to surprise Your little ones and create the coolest birthday fest for them, as they have ever had? “Forest Paradise” will ensure that your children will be left in awe and impressed for the rest of treir life! Exceptional environment of the forest resort, the birdys’ songs, the frogys’ choirs, fishes jumping in the water pond, the rustle of trees, the fairy tale house above the water and the flowering wild flower will not remain indifferent! And our professional event manager’s floor show will make their little hearts beat even stronger! You will be able to choose from several of the most popular childish themes, so that the celebration really matches the interests of Your child or children. At your request, we can offer festive decorations, a snacks table and even a rustic lunch or dinner. Evening at the big bonfire and sleeping in tents will even strengthen the impressions for Your children. However, if you do not have the opportunity to stay in “Forest paradise” during the night – it‘s OK – here you can spend only a day. In this case, we will apply a discount. All details are coordinating by telephone, or e-mail.