Wild forest animals can visit You in  the “Forest Paradise”, but if you want to get closer to the majestic animals, we suggest You to visit the nearby Rietavas horse centre. Here you will find unforgettable impressions and fantastic picnics along with the leggy trotter. You can choose from several different ways how to spend your time with horses: riding, or taking a trip with one of three great carriages.

If You want to ride a horse Yourselfe, you will be trained by a professionals and, when you start your ride, you will enjoy a spectacular tour in a beautiful Rietavas Park accompanied by Your instructor (about 2h). There can be nothing more romantic!

If you want to be driven by horses like real dukes, you will be able to choose from three different horse carriages: romantic 2 places, hanged with one horse, luxurious 5 sitting places, hanged with two horses and funny cabin with two horses for up to 10 places. You can also try homemade wines and locally made cottage cheese during the ride.

Rietavas horse centre strives to keep the traditions of Rietavas dukes Oginskiai – to keep and grow the horses of the old endangered Lithuanian breed – Žemaitukai. Promotes and develops horseback riding sport in Rietavas and the country, organizes sports events, strives to create favorable conditions for the development of business and tourism, recreation of the inhabitants, youth employment. A favorable environment for residents’ recreation and tourism is created in the horse centre.