We believe, most of You have no experience, what it means – professional massage in the FOREST. So, “Forest Paradise” gives You a unique opportunity to try this extraordinary experience. Our professional masseur, who comes to the place, can offer classic, segmental, Shiatsu and Swedish massage to You. And, having individual talk with the client and in order to maximize the effectiveness of the massage, according to clients complaints, wishes and needs, You can choose the most appropriate massage technique or a combination of several massage techniques.

Swedish massage – helps quickly reduce tiredness, muscle tension, which often comes because of frequent sitting or hard work. Massage movements have positive effect on all Your body systems.

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese spot massage. It is a simple, safe, effective and well-balanced therapy that helps maintain and improve physical and emotional well-being.

Classic massage is one of the oldest and most effective tools used to improve health. Suitable for people whose muscles are constantly tensed and for who strong massage can be painful.

Segmental massage is that type of massage that focuses on the segmental body structure theory where classical massages or special therapeutic massages are used.